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Lawn care is very important to keep your home looking good. Most everyone likes a nice lawn around their home that they can be proud of.  There is a lot of work and time involved when it comes to maintaining your yard. Some lawns are maintenance free, depending on the owner’s preference.

When maintaining the lawn there are tools needed such as a lawnmower, rake, garden tools and other items. Tools are very important in order to have a well-maintained yard.

The main thing is to start with mowing as needed for good lawn care. Keep the grass around one inch high to slow the process of the dandelions from peeping through. If the sun cannot get to them, they will not grow as fast to make the lawn speckled with yellow spots the day after mowing.

Mowing as needed will keep the yard form looking like a hay field. At what time the grass gets too high and then mowed it will leave piles here and there of cut grass.  As these piles dry, they will cause the grass to die and leave brown spots behind. Avoid these brown spots from showing up by mowing frequently.

Rakes are important in the fall to perform the very best lawn care.  Raking leaves in the fall will avoid brown spots in the spring. When wet leaves are lying in one spot for to, long they will kill the grass under them. Cleaning up the leaves in the fall will also be a lot easier because they will not be so heavy to dispose of. Keep you lawn care easy by raking the leaves when they are dry to save time.

Also in the fall, you should sprinkle grass seed around the lawn to fill it in with new grass. By sprinkling the seed in the spring it will and come up with the older grass as it grows

Be sure to add a little fertilizer to keep you grass green and be proud of the lawn care.

Controlling the weeds that seem to appear where not wanted is yet another thing for you to think about. Some weeds are considered lawn plants yet there are always weeds where not needed.  You can purchase many different weed killers on the Internet, garden stores and at you local hardware.  Find the right weed killer to keep you lawn care looking nice use the Internet to identify them before search for the right killer.

Some lawns have very minimum amount of lawn care requirements but this is not always the case. Beautify your yard with little need for a lawnmower and rakes. Homes that are surrounded with fruit trees in the back area make very colorful scenery for a background.  Add a large fountain surrounded with annual flowers with a walkway winding through it will put color to you front lawn and very little maintenance is needed.

When your yard is surrounded with color in the fall, it will require more raking around the trees and fountain.  Trimming the flowers to prepare them for the winter months is about all that really needs to be done.  You may have to pull a few weeds during the spring and summer months depending on your flower arrangements.

Maintain good lawn care by having the right tools.